World Youth Day – Lisbon, Portugal 2023

Pope Francis invites us to accompany the Young Church through encounters with Christ that form missionary disciples. Together, our mission is the Great Commission:  “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” (Mt. 28:19)

Our Pathfinders WYD Advisory Team includes Robert Feduccia, WYD Animator and Vice President of Declan Weir Productions, along with the diocesan ministry experience of  Amy Larsen, Paul Mach, Lisa Gomes, Doug Tooke of ODB Films, Matthew Beck, Michael Horace, and other Catholic leaders.

Pathfinders President, Dr. Timothy Mullner, started his work with the young Church in the 1980’s at the parish and diocesan level.  Our Catholic logistics team in Cologne, Germany is ready to provide the very best support for YOUR young adults. 

Learn more about WYD and prepare for Lisbon, 2023! WYD Lisbon 2023 (

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37th World Youth Day Itinerary 
“Mary arose and went with haste” (Lk 1:39)


Day 1  Depart your city for Europe
Day 2   Arrive in Lisbon or a nearby city, transfer to lodging, prepare for WYD
Day 3   Lisbon Walking Tour, WYD Opening Ceremonies
Day 4   Morning catechesis, WYD Youth Festival events
Day 5   Morning catechesis, Welcoming Ceremonies for our Holy Father
Day 6   Morning catechesis, WYD Youth Festival events, and Way of the Cross
Day 7  Pilgrimage walk, evening prayer vigil with Pope Francis
Day 8   Morning Mass with our Holy Father, pilgrimage walk back to lodging
Day 9   Depart for a post-WYD extension


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